Delta-T dual-probe differential temperature Chiropractic instrument

Here’s how to order your
Delta-T™ dual-probe
Chiropractic instrument ...

To order your Delta-T™, print this page, very legibly fill in the following information scan and email to; or to place your order by phone, call 970-690-9084.


___YES, please rush me a Delta-T™ Differential Temperature Indicating Instrument.











Standard Model Delta-T™

Delta-T™ with Connector Plug

Delta-T™ with Patient Meter

Delta-T™ with Projection Meter

Patient Meter with cable alone*

Projection Meter with cable alone*

















* For use on a Delta-T™ with an existing connector plug

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FREE SHIPPING on all orders in the USA. (Alaska and Hawaii additional costs)



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All orders are shipped FedEx Ground and are insured. Next Day delivery is available for an additional cost. The Delta-T™ is warranted for a period of one year against defects in materials and workmanship. The warranty includes repair or replacement of material and/or labor but does not cover accidental mishandling.


Click to download Delta-T operating instructions.