Delta-T dual-probe differential temperature Chiropractic instrument

Doctors rave about the
Delta-T™ dual-probe
Chiropractic instrument ...

"It’s just what we need ..."

Dr. Clarence Gonstead (deceased)
Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin

"I like the smoothness of operation due to the glide of the teflon tips on the skin and the angle that the probes make when it is used on the cervical spine."

Dr. Larry Troxell
Clinton, Iowa

"Superior quality and performance. Obviously designed by a Chiropractor. I really like the smooth glide."

Dr. Herb Wood
Colorado Springs, Colorado

"I find the Delta-T™ is the most effective instrument for finding the difference between a heat reading and a nerve interference reading."

Dr. Richard A. Gohl
Glendale, California